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Langley Inc offers everything for your grocery needs in one convenient, affordable stop. We are proud to offer a high quality meat department, fresh produce, a variety of dairy products, vast frozen goods & various grocery items.

We also are thrilled to offer a store brand that boasts the same high quality as your national brand favorites.

Meat products


With Alan Langley’s background as a butcher, Langley Inc takes great pride in our meat department! We pride ourselves in having the freshest, best cuts available to you for a great price! We have a large variety of all your favorites; beef, poultry, and pork!

We also carry all the products your grandmother used for cooling.  Fatback, smoked meats, etc.

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At Langley Inc, you can find quality, nutritious fruits and vegetables at budget friendly prices. We have a wide variety of produce for you to choose from for your meals!

Dairy products


The dairy department at Langley Inc offers many options of refrigerated dairy and food products for your next meals! Milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, and more!

Frozen foods


Langely Inc has a large freezer section that offers a huge range of foods across all food groups. From veggies, to meals, to ice creams, to microwavable meals, Langely Inc has your meal staples and even more!

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If you’re looking for your grocery staples, we have everything you could need! From your basics, to your cravings, we have you covered. Whether you’re on the hunt for ketchup, looking for canned veggies, in need of baking essentials, or looking for a snack, Langley Inc has a large variety!

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Store Brand

Did you know that our store brand, STORE BRAND NAME, is the same quality as the national brands? Some of our customers would even say that the store brand is better! If you’re wondering why the store brand items are less expensive, it’s because the national brand uses profit to advertise, but the store brand doesn’t, so the money they save at STORE BRAND NAME is also saved by you!

About Us

A Combination You Just Can’t Beat… Friendly Service & Quality Meat!

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